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Magnificent Macie!

Join Macie on her journey to save the world

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All About Magnificent Macie!

Meet Macie, your typical little girl with a big imagination who loves to play dress up. One day, she discovers that she is NOT a typical little girl but in fact a superhero on a mission to perform good deeds around the world. This series informs children about real life issues of society and presents it from a perspective that they can interpret. It reminds children that anyone can be a hero to someone in need!

Age Range: 3-10

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About The Author/Screenwriter


Charlene Goddard has always had a passion for writing and performing arts. She attained her Bachelor's degree in English from Rowan University. Charlene is determined to touch the lives of others through her writing. She enjoys being a contributing factor to the lives of youth.
Charlene's work has been featured on platforms such as PBS Kids, Sheen Magazine, Princeton Public Library, Rowan University, and Atlantic City Press.

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About The Illustrator/Animator


Britney Goddard, Charlene's twin sister, is an illustrator and animator. Drawing has been her passion since childhood. Her vision is to help others see the best in themselves by embracing who they are.

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Author Appearances

Charlene is available for school assemblies and virtual readings. Book an author appearance below!

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